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Guitar lessons with John Pearman

Hello! I'm John Pearman and work as a Guitar Teacher in Pearson Park, Hull. If you're interested in taking guitar lessons feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions!


I’ve been learning acoustic guitar with john for the past 12 months and I really can’t praise the guy highly enough..I started as a complete novice having never picked up a guitar and through johns teaching abilitys I’ve gone from strength to strength..he’s got a great teaching style..he doesn’t send you away with masses of info in one lesson he just builds you up bit by bit until your comfortable enough to move onto the next stage...nice guy great teacher..adaptable to any genre of music you’d like to learn whether it be alternative metal or blues and I always left my lessons with plenty of enthusiasm..if you wanna learn guitar then i highly recommend john!!
— Danny Blanchard
John has taught me guitar for about 5 years now, I was a total beginner when I started and he has been extremely patient from the beginning. Never fails to put things into a context that you can understand on an individual level and has tailored lessons to my tastes from day one. If you’re thinking of taking guitar lessons whatever your experience levels are I couldn’t recommend John enough!
— Alistair Bromyard
I started playing electric guitar about a year ago and wanted lessons. After asking around a friend put me in touch with John and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Friendly, relaxed, patient and knowledgeable about any style you care to think of, John quickly had me playing simple riffs and songs. He’ll go at your pace and is flexible to your other life commitments. Very reasonable lesson costs and his use of Spotify to generate a shared playlist of things you like listening to means each lesson brings something new and interesting. Look no further :)
— Rob Wardell
I cannot praise John highly enough. He’s been teaching me on and off now for 4 years. He never fails to leave me full of enthusiasm - he is an extremely good teacher and has endless patience. If you’re thinking of getting any lessons, John is definitely the best!
— Rhiannon Riley
My son is still learning with John and has come on leaps and bounds, John has a great teaching style and is really imbedding the whole process of the art of playing guitar. You will not be disappointed.
— Jeremy Benn
I was taught guitar by John a LONG-long time ago, back when I first started out, best guitar teacher I ever had. Absolute shredder and got me into my first metal band, Metallica; and now I’ve moved on to bigger and better things as a result of this guy. If you want a top quality guitar teacher, this guy’s for you!
— Adam Mitchell
Hey John. I am glad I took Guitar lessons with you. You are undoubtedly the greatest teacher ever. I know... I myself have been a teacher once. Your technique is unsurpassed and simple. I still remember some of the similies you used and it has helped me vastly. I wish I was still in Hull. Hope a lot more people benefit from your skills. Take care...
— Navin Aziz
I’ve played guitar on and off since been in my early teens, recently picked it back up 2 years ago. I predominantly learnt through tabs, scale books and just fooling around trying to improvise. I felt like I wasn’t progressing and it was really demotivating.

I have been with John no longer then 2 months and already I can hear a difference. He’s taught me so much! A few months ago, I had no knowledge of certain aspects I can now incorporate into my daily practices. His lessons are never dull, always has me laughing, full of knowledge and there’s so many lightbulb moments with him it motivates you to pick up your guitars at every instance... Not to mention he shreds.

In a nutshell. Worth every penny.
— Kurt Davies
I started with John over a year ago first on acoustic and then electric. I found him to be incredibly knowledgeable in all areas.

He makes learning fun and enjoyable as it should be using your own goals and playlist to learn technical skills before you even realise it without getting bogged down in theoretical dogma.

I am an instructor myself so I feel I can confidently praise his teaching style and methods. He has a way of explaining the technical aspects of what I believe to be a complicated subject in ways that you can relate to and understand easily. I always felt encouraged and energised after each lesson and cannot recommend him higher. A true teacher and skilled gentleman
— Stu Mclean
I first went to John when i was 36 years old and absolutely no playing experience at all. After just 1 lesson, John had me playing my first tune and helped me on my way to realising my dream to be able to play the guitar. John’s approach puts the fun of playing first and he mixes the fun with the more serious parts of music. No matter how slow or fast you learn, you come out of every lesson with a new challenge to meet and a smile on your face. As a tutor, i don’t think there is anything that John cannot teach you, and he will do it all at your pace, learning what you want to learn. All in all, a class act and i cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Paul Jacques
I met with John last week for my first guitar lesson and I think it only fair to give a little review.

We had emailed briefly before my lesson and john did not know much about me at all, however, he was quickly able to see what my ability currently is and was able to customize my lesson to suit me on the spot.

If I am completely honest I do not have much to compare John to but that doesn’t matter, he taught and explained things to me really well, clearly and in a way I could understand - playing the guitar is NOT as easy as it looks yet I am sure John will help me on my way.

A great teacher and very friendly too
— Steve Smith
I have been very impressed with how you have worked with Zara, and would whole heartedly recommend you as a guitar teacher
— Anne Gillespie